Super Mini Booster is ideal for a wide variety of situations, for all your outdoor activities and is a great tool to have in an emergency.
Quick and easy to use, with a Super Mini Booster it means you don’t need to rely on help from anyone else when you get a flat battery.


  • No more waiting for help when your vehicle battery goes flat
  • No need to use jumper cables to another car
  • No need to worry if your battery goes flat when there are no other cars around – great for 4WD and when camping in remote areas


  • You can’t push start on your boat if you get a flat battery – with a Super Mini Booster you don’t have to worry if your battery goes flat out on the ocean.
  • Super Mini Boosters are small, lightweight and easy to store even on the smallest boats
  • Super Mini Boosters have LED 2 powerful LED lights so double as a torch, great in an emergency situation

Camping or Emergencies

  • A Super Mini Booster increases your independence when camping or during any emergency situations
  • Can be used to charge your power accessories, such as spotlights, air compressors, radios, DVD players, electric fans, electric boxes, and mobile phones
  • The LED lights can be used a torch

Super Mini Boosters

portable emergency power pack